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Social Media Race to the ANC Presidency: Campaigns intensify in the midst of a mixed narrative

As ANC presidency campaigns began to intensify in June 2017, they illustrate a lack of cohesion and focus to the party’s public narrative. Social media, and digital news research on the party, reveals a heady mix of messages that on one hand speak to ‘business as usual’ and party unity, with no specific contestation of the top seat, while the other reveals open competition and divisiveness among the candidates, and the provinces.

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Social Media Race to the ANC Presidency: Top content and the cabinet reshuffle

As the December conference draws closer, coverage of the ANC, and its presidential candidates, is noticeably increasing on social media, making for some interesting social media date observations. There is a distinct lack of active communication between the party and the general public, and looking at conversation peaks in October – in particular the recent cabinet reshuffle that saw the SACP’s Blade Nzimande’s removal as Higher Education Minister – one wonders if this could perhaps be one of the key turning points in the ongoing race for the top party seat.

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Social Media Race to the ANC Presidency: The resignation and the presidential hopefuls

WordStart, in collaboration with Crimson Hexagon, have investigated, tracked and analysed the social media conversations, the sentiment and public social media perceptions, as they relate to these two events. This specific analysis forms part of a larger piece of social media research that will investigate the race to ANC presidency that will be decided at the electoral conference due to take place in December this year.

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