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Join The Conversation: Participate in a Trail-Blazing Study on Black Twitter in South Africa and get early access to the Insights Summary

Social media is filled with opinions and debate around countless issues. As a result, Black Twitter in South Africa has become one of the most influential communities whose impact has the power to sway public opinion across the social web. Join the conversation, share...

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5 Ways brands can tap into influencers with Facebook news feed changes

Mark Zuckerberg on Friday the 12th announced changes that are coming to the Facebook algorithm, which will once again change what users see and engage from a content perspective. In a nutshell, non-advertising brand content will get even less visibility and people will get to see more content from friends and family. If you thought Facebook was throttling what your community sees as a brand, this change will only tighten that squeeze and ensure that you promote content to gain visibility.

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