Creating brand stories and content that resonates with communities require many different perspectives, where harnessing a creative process can lead to concepts that win minds and hearts. In this episode of The Lead Creative we are joined by the former Editor of Destiny Man, a seasoned content creator, strategist and keynote speaker, Kojo Baffoe.

He was also the host of Life with Kojo on KayaFM among many other roles.

Our conversation includes the importance of context and nuance in telling both media and brand stories, where inclusivity is significant. He talks about some of the content creation decisions he made and creative processes during his tenure at Destiny Man, as well as other content creation strategies.

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While thinking of brands that evolve and attempt to understand local context as they expand across the African continent, Kojo mentions Shoprite as one of the retailers that carry products from specific countries on their shelves. He mentions that most brands do it from an operational and business perspective, not always on the ground.

Have a quick listen to a snippet of the conversation in the video below:Kojo Baffoe on The Lead Creative

“The starting point is; ‘who is your community, who are you and what do you stand for’, then being able to communicate that consistently. It’s also understanding that that community is diverse, Africa is a diverse continent.”
Kojo Baffoe

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