In this episode with Senior Marketing and Communications Strategist, Tumi Rabanye, we spoke about the role of communications and brand strategy in a time when disruption is the norm. She talks about the importance of interpreting customer data in a useful way, in a way that empowers us – as communicators and brands – to add more value in people’s lives.

Tumi Rabanye on The Lead Creative
Tumi Rabanye on The Lead Creative

As jury chair of the AdFocus Awards, Tumi is in a position to help influence the industry, so I also ask her about the importance of advertising and creative industry awards. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing, the AdFocus Awards will be held virtually this year which increases the ability to include global thinking. It means creative minds from anywhere across the world can interact with the awards.

“We are in a state of constant disruption, it’s not a single moment or instance” says Tumi, as she talks about how it is not going away. Brands should find ways to make this idea of disruption part of their strategy where agility and the ability to pivot are embedded into their communication.

The integration of social media and digital platforms has led more brands to rethink their 30-second ads where a longer piece of content now travels faster if it’s interesting. With more opportunities to engage with people, brands can no longer be complacent in how they remain relevant to their audiences.

This episode is packed with insights on how brands, advertising and communications can further support the improvement of society and the growth of business. Now more than ever, brands have the opportunity to stand for greater purpose and add more value to humanity.

Listen to the episode with Tumi Rabanye below

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