Some weeks ago we got an awesome mail from The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship about the Tech City UK Entrepreneurship Festival, where they asked if we’d be interested in attending. After screams of delight and much excitement, we politely and calmly replied ‘It looks interesting, please send more info’.

Tech City UK Entrepreneurship Festival

Situated in the heart of London’s East End, Tech City is the hub for tech startups and medium sized innovative companies. This festival forms part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, where over 300 startups and tech companies from across the globe will come together to share, learn and be inspired. .

It takes place from the 14th to the 19th of November. That’s this coming Monday.

The first two days of the festival are a boot camp with over 50 top entrepreneurs, where they mentor the companies in attendance and connect them with investment opportunities.

The Tech City UK Entrepreneurs Festival culminates with the Top 20 Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and Investors presenting their insights.

The inside scoop and what you want

The festival is open for delegates to pose questions to the over 60 speakers, and we thought you may want to know a thing or two. So, here’s the deal we’ll be Tweeting live from the event and can pose your questions to some of the speakers.

What would you like to know?

Have a look at our Tweets on @WordStarters and @Mongezi. Send us some of your own questions and what you may want us to capture while we are there.