Your friends and the people in your network trust you. When you recommend a night club, phone, a pair jeans and even a car; they are most likely to get it. Or tell someone. Chances are, you are an influencer, an early adopter, the kind of awesome person we want to give access to things.

Do you ever think companies and brands should reward you with early access to the latest products you want? Well, now you can get rewarded.

WordStart is looking for people with clout in their networks, rockstars like yourself who:

–          Dig having the latest products to test.

–          Make an impression in their network.

–          Talk honestly about what they like or don’t want in new products.

–          Tell their friends about the latest and best things out there.

We’ll make it simple for you to get the latest phones, clothes, test-drive new cars and whole lot of things you want. You’ll tell us.

First things first:

The first thing is to get to know you. The last thing you want is to get access to a test-drive when you own a chauffeur-driven stretch limousine. So, to get the process started click here and let us know who you are. We’ll take it from there.

Look out for the latest gadgets, books and experiences.

Tell us what you like below in the comments and click here to get started.


Image by: Gothick_Matt on Flickr